What Readers Like

Characters Readers are incredibly attracted to strong characters. They are someone to look up to, who possesses wit and elegance, charm and passion. There are characters readers simply fall in love with. Everybody enjoys qualities such as nobility and eloquence, courage and originality. Such characters move us deeply and remain in our hearts. Escape When we read literature, we want […]

Writing and the Things you Love

Reading Reading is food for the soul. As such, it is one of the things that fuel the creative process of writing. It is a way to meet great minds and learn from them. Learning Learning is the addiction of smart people. They always want to improve and strive for perfection in their many areas of interest. The more you […]

Ways to Stay Creative

You may be an inexperienced writer, you may not be seasoned, but creativity is required for writing is a creative process. The definition for creativity, according to the Cambridge Dictionary is: the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas. Creativity relies heavily on inspiration and mood. There are a few things one can do to boost their creativity: […]