Best-Selling Ideas

Best-Selling Ideas

Good writing starts with ideas, which are interesting and important.

But how does one generate best-selling ideas?
This is what I will be teaching you in the first lesson.

  • How the Great Writers Do it:
    Case Studies of the Best-Selling Books

There are books which have endured the test of time and received the acclamation of many generations of readers in the entire world. There are books that rank in top positions on Amazon and in the best-seller list of New York Times. We will start our journey in writing by exploring the reactions of the readers to those big names in the industry.

  • Ways to Generate Ideas

I have listed and developed about 10 different ways to come up with ideas for your stories. You will be surprised that ideas are actually all around us. You will find inspiration in things magical such as your imagination and things mundane such as the world around us. Life is full of stories and one of the greatest pains, as Maya Angelou put it is “to live with an untold story inside you.”

  • Cultures and Ideas

Delving into cultures is a big journey. We are defined not only by our language and literature, history, fine arts, holidays and festivals, our folklore, the way we dress and what we feed on. We are equally dependent on our beliefs and assumptions, our manners, our sense of humor,
our beauty ideals, work ethic, family values and gender roles. All of these are immense sources of inspiration.

They make us unique, they make us who we are.

  • Encyclopedias

Especially the encyclopedias for children are full of fascinating facts, and after all – we are humanity – facts inspire us! We love to know how the universe works, how our bodies work, how we move, what do we have to eat… It’s your chance to find a free niche in the industry and write non-fiction that you really, really like. Encyclopedias are¬†pregnant with a lot of stories.

In the end of the day – you will discover your own way of generating ideas.

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